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Here it is: my second outfit by JULIA ALLERT. Both functional and versatile but glamorous and sophisticated at the same time, this outfit is wearable anytime anywhere. Change the heels with a pair of stylish sneakers if you are more the active type. Put on (or keep) the high heels if you are going out or if you are a fashionista working woman.

As I was telling you in this article, what I love most about Julia Allert brand is, beside the great quality of the materials, the fact that she’s using a lot the layering. This outfit is the most appropriate illustration of this concept.


I never felt so good wearing this type of clothes, believe me. Useless to say how amazed I was when I looked at myself in the mirror – I never had the courage to go out dressed like this so I always chose the secure way: jeans + blouse + flats. This large shirt dress has the perfect dose of sex appeal while not showing much skin though. And the amazing bomber jacket with the black & metallic necklace add the perfect touch of rock and roll.

It was a terrible heat outside when we shot this look and I was wearing a full black outfit, yet I didn’t feel too hot in these clothes not for a second! Each piece is worth the money, believe me.

I wanted to keep this for the final article of the “Julia Allert” series, but I can’t help myself: it has become my absolutely favorite brand! There are rumors saying a showroom with a lot of amazing designers, including Julia Allert, might open in Strasbourg next year. I hope these won’t be just rumors after all!

Again, a big Thank You to Julia for this project!