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an invisible essential.

For me, Europe is freedom, Europe is love, Europe is the present and the future.

Europe will not be made all at once, said Robert Schuman 67 years ago. By the way, I must tell you how proud I am that when I started the university, it was actually called the Robert Schuman University! The next year, it became the Faculty of Law of the University of Strasbourg but still, it remains a big deal to me.

I’m also proud that I live in Strasbourg, the city also known as the Capital of Europe and home of many European institutions.

I consider myself an European before everything else and I am very proud that France chose recently to stay European too. Have you seen already a freshly elected president of an European country, choosing Ode to Joy for his first appearance? I don’t recall any.

Let’s stay united, Europe. The more open and equal we are, the better for the world.

Vive l’Europe!