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Strasbourg Cathédrale

Strasbourg Cathédrale

Today was a weird beautiful day. The morning was all sunny (but too cold) and the afternoon… I couldn’t really tell if it was April or November, but, at least, after some serious apocalypse clouds and rain, the sun came out.

I love walking in my city after the rain, it looks unusually beautiful and charming in that after-the-rain sun rays. I took some photos of the city and my friend took some photos of me, ’cause I guess she thought that I might want to show you later what I was wearing: my favorite trench-coat, sunnies and scarf.

Honestly, I fall in love with Strasbourg every time I walk around, especially during spring. Every street, building or café reminds me of something, good or bad memories – it doesn’t matter, because they all made me who I am today (and I must say: I am pretty OK with the result!).

Honey, I know times are changing. It’s time we all reach out for something new, that means you too…

Times are changing, but some things will inspire us forever.

Rest in peace, Kid.

Trench Coat Outfit Strasbourg-15

Trench Coat Outfit Strasbourg-14

Trench Coat Outfit Strasbourg-7

Trench Coat Outfit Strasbourg-8